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The farm awakens and blooms to life in Spring with a soft palette of graceful ranunculus, papery Icelandic poppies and darling antique narcissus. Stately tulips, handsome bearded iris, fragrant sweetpeas and luxurious, billowy peonies abound.


The color explodes with the heat of the Summer. Dahlias and lilies bloom in lush colors and dramatic forms. Cheerful sunflowers and zinnias, charming rudbeckia, spicy basil, whimsical cosmos and vibrant Bells of Ireland are at their peak.


The Fall is a vivid display of dazzling jewel tones as the days grow shorter and cooler. The richness of the season is reflected in velvety dahlias and heirloom chrysanthumums, radiant amaranth, sweet autumn clematis, delicate ornamental millets and airy grains and grasses.


The farm rests in the healing lull of Winter, silently and with steady resolve preparing for the coming season of growth. Dried flowers, branches, willow and dogwood wreaths, evergreen swags and garlands adorn the barn.

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